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Create a Visual IP Address Geolocation with PHP

Posted on 21st May 2017 in Bootstrap 4, CSS


Creating a PHP PDO IP Address Geolocation Map


This is an update of the original Blog that used API a then free API.  As of July 2018 the old Freegeoip API was discontinued and a completely re-designed API has been provided at While the new API offers the same capabilities as the old one and also has the option of returning data in the legacy format, the API URL has now changed and all users are required to sign up for a free API Access Key to use the service. Fortunately the limit is 10000 calls per month. I have updated the code in the Github repository and I removed the Direct Viewer.

The purpose of the project is to update ip-addresses on to a World Map as shown in action using my own personal signed up API key.



  • PHP server side language use PHP 5.6 and higher.
  • JVector Maps. – Javascript based library .
    • jVectorMap uses only native browser technologies like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, SVG or VML. No Flash or any other proprietary browser plug-in is required. This allows jVectorMap to work in all modern mobile browsers.
  • Updated to Bootstrap 4 (framework).
  • Geolocation Library –
    • Head over to and follow the instructions to create your account and obtain your access token.
    • If you only need basic IP to Geolocation data and do not require more than 10,000 requests per month, you can use the free account. If you'd like more advanced features or more requests than included in the free account you will need to choose one of the paid options.
    • You can find an overview of all available plans at – (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data-interchange format. Designed to easily read and write. Quick to parse and generate.
    • While the old freegeoip API was limited to provide only the most basic IP to location data, our new API provides more than 20 additional data points including Language, Time Zone, Current Time, Currencies, Connection & ASN Information, and much more. To learn more about all the data points available
    • 10000 free calls per month.

Creating an IPStack account


Creating a free account is effortless and on signing up you are presented with a key and a lot of information on how to access the IPStack site. I have updated the SRC code and simply add your key in to the code where asked for and the project will run normally.


Geolocation Json Received Information

Calling the newer Server…

The old to the new increased available results...

Changed from




Updated to








Coding the Project

Geolocate.php (Updated)

This holds server side code that receives the IP Address in a ‘Post Request’ then calls the API rest-server and receives the JSON response.

The JSON is decoded to an Array and this then adjusted to fit the Jvector Map marker format. This JSON styled object is sent to the Browser.

if (!empty($_POST)){
   $ip =  trim($_POST['ip']);
   if (!filter_var($ip, FILTER_VALIDATE_IP)){
     $ip = " Is not a valid ip address";
{         //Set the path
$ipaddress ="".trim($_POST['ip'])."?access_key=yourfreeAPIkey";

//Reads the file at the path returns a string (no options used)

$ipaddress = file_get_contents($ipaddress);
//  Alert ip info
$info = $ipaddress;

// decode the jSON string received into an associative array in anPHP variable

$response = json_decode($ipaddress,true);

if (empty($response)){
$phpstr = "NO IP address sent by Host";
// Manipulate the array into a map marker JSON Object format
$new = "[{'latLng'  : [" .$response['latitude']. ", ".$response['longitude']. "] ,  'name':  '".$response["country_name"]."'}]";

//Send to  Javascript (client) as a JSON type Object which in PHP means an Array (No direct translation between PHP objects and JSON objects)
$phpstr = $new;
Adding the code for the JvectorMap - Javascript receives the PHP variable into a Javascript variable object which is then directly used by JvectorMap.



Feel free to download the Code from The Github Repository,


Download Code


Happy Coding

Reg      Commented   3 years ago Reply

I found in Stack Overflow that they use a foreach statement to pull the data. Your method is different. Which is the best method?

Admin      Replied    Moderator   3 years agoReply

Yes I am aware of the Stack Overflow method suggested. The problem is that we are dealing with server side and client side script. The foreach method updates the Client on every call. So if you has 500 rows of data, then you will be persistently updating the client 500 times and as it is a single threaded call, the client will simply stop working until the process is complete. Loading the data into Json in the Server creates a lightweight data object. This is only sent once to the client and the Json object (string) is quickly unpacked in the client allowing a quicker response. I hope that this clears up your concerns.

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