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Updating Applications Manifest using Delphi

Posted on 19th Jun 2017 in Delphi < XE4


If you are using the latest IDE (Integrated Development Environment) then you will not have to use this option as the manifest is already up-to-date.

However if you are using an older IDE, you will quickly discover that a much needed up-to-date manifest is needed to ensure that your Application will target the latest Windows platform.

Here is a small Delphi Application that I wrote which including source for creating / comparing manifests and a Windows 10 targeted custom manifest template. It also allows for extracting any manifest from any .exe Windows application.


This will show the manifest for the File.



  Opening the Custom Manifest includes full support for Windows 10 and is backwards compatible.

Refer to MICROSOFT for more information on more information about the  manifest requirements or checkout the embarcadero docwiki for more info. 


The base manifest allows for custom addition of XML and is the manifest that tends to ship with the older IDE’s.

Save this manifest into your project area and it will automatically select a .manifest extension. Use a name that you will be able to identify.

How to Use the Manifest

Load your manifest into a XE3 IDE requires you to open Project Options.  In the Application section, select Custom Manifest from the drop down. Then load the manifest from your path. This will be included in your Application exe when it is compiled.


You can download the Application Binaries and Source for both X86 and X64 Windows versions.


Download Code


Happy Coding 

Reg      Commented   3 years ago Reply

I found in Stack Overflow that they use a foreach statement to pull the data. Your method is different. Which is the best method?

Admin      Replied    Moderator   3 years agoReply

Yes I am aware of the Stack Overflow method suggested. The problem is that we are dealing with server side and client side script. The foreach method updates the Client on every call. So if you has 500 rows of data, then you will be persistently updating the client 500 times and as it is a single threaded call, the client will simply stop working until the process is complete. Loading the data into Json in the Server creates a lightweight data object. This is only sent once to the client and the Json object (string) is quickly unpacked in the client allowing a quicker response. I hope that this clears up your concerns.

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