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Delphi SQLite Encryptor-Decryptor Tool

Posted on 20th Jun 2017 in Delphi < XE4


The Firedac SQLite component is encryption ready and is totally unique to Delphi . When connecting in encryption mode in your application, the database linking becomes more integrated and once coded, it is better to continue with your encrypted code as it requires a bit of recoding to compile again as a non- encrypted setup.

Here is an example of production styled code used in the Data module for SQLite. The connection definitions use the ‘params’ method to hard code the connection. It allows for the connection to find the database in your development folder when running in Debug mode and then in Non-Debug mode it will look for the Database in the folder where you would deploy it to. As this is Pre- XE5 level coding, it is not targeting mobile ( TPath is not used in this instance) but targeting a Windows X64 and X86 set-up. There are many other options to select such as :- aes-128 ,aes-192, aes-256,aes-ctr-128 ,aes-ctr-192 , aes-ctr-256 ,aes-ecb-128 , aes-ecb-192 , aes-ecb-256.

The following code snippit is based on an AES- 256 database encryption level.


    function GetDBPath: String;
    procedure ConnecttoDB;
    procedure DataModuleCreate(Sender: TObject);
    function DBpath:string;
      { Private declarations }
    { Public declarations }

Const DriverID:String  = 'SQLite';
  dm: Tdm;
   path: array [0 .. Max_Path - 1] of Char;


{ %CLASSGROUP 'Vcl.Controls.TControl' }

{$R *.dfm}
procedure TdM.ConnecttoDB;
  FDConnection1.Connected := False;
  FDConnection1.DriverName := 'sqlite';
  FDConnection1.Params.add ('DriverID=' + DriverID);
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('Database= ' + DBpath);
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('Encrypt = aes-256');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('password=aes-256:1234'); //1234 is the encrypted password. Best to                         use a strong Encryption Key in Production.

  FDPhysSQLiteDriverLink1.DriverID := DriverID;
  FDSQLiteSecurity1.database := DBpath;
  FDSQLiteSecurity1.DriverLink := FDPhysSQLiteDriverLink1;

  FDSQLiteSecurity1.Password := 'aes-256:1234';//1234 is the encrypted password
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('OpenMode = CreateUTF16');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('JournalMode = WAL');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('LockingMode = Exclusive');//do not want anyone else connecting at same time.
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('BusyTimeout = 5000');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('CacheSize = 10000');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('SharedCache = False');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('Synchronous = Off');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('ForeignKeys = Off');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('StringFormat = Choose');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('GUIDFormat = String');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('DateTimeFormat = String');
  FDConnection1.Params.Add('Extentions = False');
  FDConnection1.Connected := True;

procedure TDM.DataModuleCreate(Sender: TObject);

function TDM.DBpath:string;
  Result := 'E:\SQLiteCreated.db';
  if succeeded(ShGetFolderPathW(0, CSIDL_LOCAL_APPDATA, 0, SHGFP_TYPE_CURRENT,
    path)) then
    Result := path + '\MyGroupAPPFolderName\MyAppName\data\SQLiteCreated.db';

//Other Options
// CSIDL_APPDATA    -  individual user Data
// CSIDL_MYDOCUMENTS  - mydocs /documents

 function TDM.GetDBPath: String;
  Result := DBpath;




So which is the easiest process available if the database needs some minor changes. It is not as simple as making changes in the database in your tried and tested SQLite Database Tool as you will definitely run into compatibility issues.

I tend to make use of the  open source  SQLite Database Browser to help me develop SQLite databases quickly without overcomplicating the build. It also requires a non- encrypted Database to make changes. So how do you overcome this?

The easiest solution is to unencrypt your encrypted Database, make the necessary changes in your SQLite Database. Then re-encrypting before re-compiling  your Delphi App.

I created a simple Encrypt / Unencrypt and Password Re-name tool using the provided components in Delphi. As I found it useful to me, it would be useful to other developers.


I have provided the source code for both AnyDac ( XE4 to Delphi 7) and FireDac for XE5 and Up . The Source and Binaries are included.

Whilst this application is not complex in design and is easy to create. It just saves a developer from having to go through the trouble to create it. Feel free to modify it to your requirements.

This application uses FDconnection using  ‘params’  ,a  FDPhysSQLiteDriverLink and a FDsqlitesecurity component.

Below demonstrates some of the code used to create the process of encrypting and unencrypting of a database.


First clear any existing params.
Add the built in SQLite driver. No external dll’s required.
Add the Database.
Select the Encryption level. Many levels are provided as per the documentation.
It uses the ‘FDsqlitesecurity .CheckEncryption’ method to confirm encrypted or unencrypted.

procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
FDConnection1.Connected := False;
FDConnection1.Params.add('Database=' + edit1.text);
FDPhysSQLiteDriverLink1.DriverID:= 'SQLite';
FDsqlitesecurity1.Database:= edit1.Text;
FDsqlitesecurity1.DriverLink:= FDPhysSQLiteDriverLink1;

if( Combobox2.ItemIndex = 0) or (combobox2.itemindex = 1) then
    label3.caption:='no password';
    FDConnection1.Connected := True;
    FDsqlitesecurity1.password:= '';
    Showmessage('The Encryption level is: '+FDsqlitesecurity1.CheckEncryption);

procedure TForm1.SpeedButton1Click(Sender: TObject);
    fileopendialog1.Title:= 'Open SQLite Database File';
    if fileopendialog1.execute then
   edit1.text:= fileopendialog1.FileName;

You can download the binaries an source from Github here.




 Using this Application makes Decryption an Encrypting a Database quick and painless.


Happy Coding

John S      Commented   3 years ago Reply

Great implementation. Can use this straight in my current work

Andy      Commented   3 years ago Reply

Thumbs up

private      Commented   3 years ago Reply

Hey Do you have code for multi-file upload that works similar.

Admin      Replied    Moderator   3 years agoReply

Hi , I will work on a small blog to include multi-upload and a drag n drop option which seems to be the main trend for multi-file uploading.

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