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Delphi using Environment Variables in your App

Posted on 20th Aug 2018 in Delphi FMX, Delphi VCL


Delphi using Environment Variables in your App

Environment Variables can help you extract data that require some in-depth coding to achieve the same result. So here is a simple way to replace lengthy legacy code or create some new code with

function GetEnvironmentVariable(const Name: string): string;  found in the System.SysUtils library.


What it is?

The ‘GetEnvironmentVariable’ method is a way to retrieve the value of an environment variable passed as a string (name) for the current process using a standard list of Windows based variables that can be extracted.

How useful is it?

These Environment Variables are a standard across all OS’s and for different processors thereby ensuring that there is no requirements for ‘IFDEFs’.

I found it useful to extract :-

  • certain directories such as ‘Appdata’ that calls the Roaming directory.
  • to determine / show who has logged onto the Windows machine.
  • extract the CMD.exe directory using ‘Comspec’.
  • Obtaining the OS Processor info.
  • obtaining the ‘Tmp / Temp’ drive for processing.

 Downloadt the simple App that calls each Environment Variable via a combobox that shows the result real time on your Windows machine. Perhaps there are a few other options that you could find useful.

Here is the list of the Standard Environment Variables.

ALLUSERSPROFILE - Generic user profile.

APPDATA - Path of the application data folder.

CLIENTNAME - Name of Client machine.

COMMONPROGRAMFILES - Path of common program files folder.

COMPUTERNAME - Name of Computer code is running on.

COMSPEC - Path of the cmd.exe program.

HOMEDRIVE - Current home drive designation, such as 'C:'

HOMEPATH - Path to current location for document storage.

LOGONSERVER - Specifies a domain controller for user logon authentication.

NUMBER_OF_PROCESSORS - Number of processors on current machine.

OS - Base name of the Operating System.

PATH - The current program path.

PATHEXT - Extension types of executable files.

PROCESSOR_ARCHITECTURE - Type of CPU architecture. For example, X86 for Intel Pentium processors.

PROCESSOR_IDENTIFIER - ID number of current machine.

PROCESSOR_LEVEL - More detailed description of the CPU architecture.

PROCESSOR_REVISION - Processor revision level.

PROGRAMFILES - Path of the program files folder.

SESSIONNAME - Name of the current OS session.

SYSTEMDRIVE - Drive the OS operates from.

SYSTEMROOT - Sets the system directory.

TEMP - Path of the temporary files folder.

TMP - Directory to store temporary files to.

USERDOMAIN - Specifies the domain of the current machine.

USERNAME - Name of the current user.

USERPROFILE - Path of the folder holding the current user's information.

WINDIR - Path of the Windows folder.

Feel Free to download the sample App from here

Download Code


Happy Coding

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