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Morris Charts and PHP-PDO

Posted on 23rd Jan 2017 in Bootstrap 3, PHP


Working with PHP PDO and MySQL, there comes a time when you require a Graphical Outcome of your stored data.

After researching the server-side graphical libraries, I could not identify an open-source library that outputted good performance including being fully responsive using Bootstrap 3/4.  So I went on to research the open source JavaScript available libraries. There are many really excellent libraries available that produce top class Graphics. Most libraries are not easy to link up with a database and will take a lot of data manipulation to produce an acceptable output.

I ended up choosing Morris.js library linked with the Raphael.js graphic library to which produces a really good Client professional output.

What I liked about Morris, is its easy output from a Json (string) input. So all it requires is a Json encoded output from the Database at the server then sent to the client-side web browser with the output.

Using the Source examples that I provide as a download, demonstrates how to easily populate Morris Charts dynamically with PDO-PHP using Json with little markup code required. The Source includes examples for a Bar chart, Line chart, Area chart and a Donut chart. 

Two methods are found in the source code.

           A Static method connecting directly using only Json static data.

           A dynamic MySQL data connection from the Database with php using a PDO Connection. This provides a simple solution of extracting data from the server and efficiently populating the JavaScript / JQuery graph in the browser using Json.

Getting Started

Here we assume that you are familiar with loading a backed up MySQL database, working with PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript and JQuery. If not then a google search will provide all the answers.

Download the file folder and extract the files. Extract the morris.sql file with PhpMyAdmin or similar into your MySQL database server. Run the index.php file in a XAMPP or WAMP stack. Full Source Code is provided includes Bootstrap 3 versioned files.

JSON JavaScript Object Notation, is syntax for storing and exchanging data. And is written in JavaScript Object Notation and is a lightweight data –interchanging format.

Morris requires the data in Json Text (string) format and does not need to parse it into a JavaScript Object using var JavaScript Object = JSON.parse(myJSONtext);

I noticed that many PDO-PHP to Morris solutions wrapped the Morris JavaScript into a foreach statement to process the information creating HUGE OVERHEAD. Just don’t do this as for every time the foreach statement is made the link between the Server and Client is created. 

The best solution is to convert the data into Json at the Server- Level (php).  Echo the Json string as a variable into the Morris’s JavaScript (Client) once, making it an efficient transfer of Server /Client data information with a quick graph uptime in the Client browser.

Using a PDO connection, PDO - php easily pulls the Server- Side data and using a built in features, convert the data to Json efficiently with minimal code.

The trick is to create the correct Aliases in the SQL statement when calling the Database. The result is a quick and easy way to parse the results into the required Json format to be sent to the Morris Chart.

Let work with the Donut Chart which requires the label and value for each input. We change the sql statement to reflect the ‘ip as label’ and ‘count(*) as value’. This will allow us to prepare and execute the PDO statement. PDO performs all the magic in FETCH_ASSOC using fetchAll.



Once the data has been fetched we use the standard json_encode function. To transfer the data from the server to the browser and populate the donut chart , a JavaScript function is created.



Pulling the data from the Database requires low overhead. The conversion to Json is quick and easy and sending light- weight data from the Server does not slow the response in the browser.



This project uses MorrisChart.js. The code uses PHP 5.6 and higher.


This project is licensed under the MIT license agreement. This means that you can use the code as you wish commercially or modify as needed.

Live View  Download Code

Randy E      Commented   3 years ago Reply

Hi Good day it not easier to use javascript to create this.

Admin      Replied    Moderator   3 years agoReply

Hi Randy Yes, I agree that Javascript is a good option. Using just CSS would ensure that all browser would always function even if JavaScript was not enabled in the browser.

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